About Us

how it started & how it is

in the late 70's, colorado motorists began to see bumper stickers that looked a lot like the colorado license plates, with the evergreen colored mountain range and copyrighted skyline of the rockies and the word 'native' in bold white. ask anyone who lived here then, they were quite prolific & maybe a little controversial. it wasnt long before people also wanted to declare their favorite team, their sport or hobby and even city or town. in 1980, 'Colorado Native' was the copyrighted product line which included all of these designs. everything from various lifestyle, hobbys or activities like fishing, skiing and 4 wheeling (or doing some of these naked) became popular expresions of colorado natives and people who felt the same way enough to want to be the same, delaring; i'm NOT A NATIVE BUT I GOT HERE AS FAST AS I COULD. in 1999, 'COLORADO MOUNTAIN STICKERS' became the copyrights holder continuing in the same line adding a wide variety of declarations from political bent to 420 mindset. in 2013, once again a name change brings the story current with 'native-ink'.the trademarked design is the same today as in the beginning. for the last 20+ years, and moving forward, sandy can be seen attending various sporting events, rallies, parades and festivals slinging the "iconic" bumper stickers. hope to see you there.


*free shipping limitations*

all retail orders ship free. while this is a limited circumstance, buyers who significantly exceed 1st class postage may be emialed for additional shipping costs.

Sizes & Colors

printing vs display vs actual product

all stickers are approximately 3"x11" (printer's idiosyncracies aside) unless otherwise stated. as for colors, also due to designers over the years, as well as variations in printing, and displays of computers, tablets, cell phones or other mobile devices, colors are represented using the original projects sent to the printers & are a reasonable facsimile of actual products, especially team colors.


buying, questions or contacting

at present, native-ink does not collect nor sell or distrubute email addressses. at some time, collecting email addresses for the sole purpose of notifying previous buyers of new products or specials may be implemented. if and when this happens, a unsubscribe page is available on the site & in any email sent from Native-Ink. however, at this time, any email contact other than after having made a purchse is most likely spam or phishing. the 'email us' link on each page is the best way to contact native-ink to be sure. do not open anything when no purchase has been made, it's likely not from native-ink.


where to buy

native-ink proper, does not have a brick and morter store front but rather sells to licensed retailers. due to the current climate, some havent survived, sadly, but new attmepts will be made to revamp this collection of locations, and may be adding a 'locations' page to the site. as of now, either by calling or emailing w/ a prefered location is the best way to find a retail location.

http, https and security

Native-Ink is 'not secure' according to chrome, et al

all transactins are processed through the paypal cart via their hosting using their https link. this is evident when viewing the cart. as such, the only thing that happens on native-ink is product selection. until site updates are complete, the warning from chrome, et al, is technically accurate but irrelevant. that said, this is how it's been done for the last 20+ years w/ no complaints or security issues to date. anyone who is worried about site security is welcome to call or email for an alternative & use zelle or paypal, for instance. also, there is an https extension from "HTTPS://EVERYWHERE" which can be added by any user to their own browser. Native-Ink.com has not tested this extension w/ this site, but it certainly seems a resonable option for any security concious user. last, native ink does not 'use' cookies outside of normal site operation of the end user's browser and those settings. no collectin of data, location or tracking is done by Native-Ink.

Licensed Resellers

wholesale ordering and contact

the wholesale page for licensed resellers is still online as is the printable order form.